This Generational Warranty is offered by Old Timer and applies to Old Timer brand products. Covered Products are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the Covered Products. Old Timer will replace with an item of equivalent value, at its option, any Covered Product or component part which is found to be defective under normal use and service, without charge, and within a reasonable amount of time after notification and delivery of the Covered Product (as set forth below), for the lifetime of the Covered Products. The life of the Covered Product means the life of the materials and components of the product. While Old Timer uses the very best materials and components for its products, all materials and components eventually wear out with use and exposure over time. A Covered Product’s life is therefore measured by how much use it gets and how well it is cared for -- not its overall age.

This warranty is limited to the original owner of the Covered Product and is not transferable. If the Covered Product was not purchased new from Old Timer or an authorized retailer this warranty is null and void. In order to be eligible for replacement under this warranty, the original owner must provide valid proof of purchase (e.g., a dated sales receipt). With respect to such Covered Products, this warranty supersedes any and all other warranties.

This warranty does not cover normal maintenance and service, ordinary wear and tear, and does not apply to any Covered Products or component parts which have been lost or stolen; or subject to commercial use, corrosion, misuse, neglect, intentional damage, carelessness, accident; unauthorized or improper disassembly, adjustments, modifications, or repairs made or attempted by anyone other than a qualified technician following Old Timer authorized procedures; or as a result of failure to follow the Covered Product’s operating and care instructions. This warranty also does not cover batteries, or defects arising from improper or faulty batteries, or any damage that is cosmetic only and that does not affect the covered Product’s operation or performance (as determined by Old Timer in its sole discretion).


For warranty service, please fill out Old Timer's Contact Form. The form and the Covered Product at issue should be delivered, postage prepaid, to Old Timer at the following address:

Old Timer
1800 N Rt. Z
Columbia, MO 65202
Attn: Service/Warranty Department

Warranty claims should specify the model and, where applicable, the lot number of the Covered Product at issue along with a description of the difficulty or defect experienced. It is recommended that shipments be insured by the owner, since no claim can be processed without receipt of the Covered Product at the address and any loss of the Covered Product in transit will not be covered.